Tips on How to Choose Clothes For a Party


Tips to help you choose the right clothes for a party

You’ve recently been given an invite to a party and like every other time, you don’t know what to wear. Should you wear that black formal dress that’s been beckoning you every time you open the closet? Or should you go for the more casual off the shoulder? Will you be overdressed if you pick out a gown or will you look out of place if you don’t?

Planning what to wear to a party can be quite tough, especially these days when every party seems to be centered on a special theme. Whether it’s an office party, a formal cocktail will do, or a wild themed party what garment to wear poses the biggest question. With fashion trends changing every second day, one definitely doesn’t want to feel out of place when accepting an invitation.

So what’s the right way to dress for a party? When you accept an invitation to a party, it’s very important that you keep the following points in mind before you go splurging on a new wardrobe.

Know the theme
Is it a family event? A wedding? A formal dinner or a themed party? When you understand what the occasion is, picking out something appropriate to wear becomes fairly simple. A wedding invitation will definitely give you a clue about the dress code — if it’s a themed wedding it’s usually specified. Don’t turn up in a Hawaiian shirt or a bright colorful dress for a beach wedding unless informed. You don’t want to be advertising Hawaii in a formal setting! To an office cocktail party, the golden rule is don’t wear anything that will make you feel stupid the next day! No plunging necklines or hemlines that are too short or too long. Go ahead and make your fashion statement but don’t overdo it. Even if the dress code is casual. Remember it is a party so don’t wear flip-flops or hot pants. The safest bet is wearing something that is not overtly casual but smart and trendy.

Don’t buy immediately
Before you go running out to splurge on something to wear, check what you have in your wardrobe first. You probably have something that goes with the color theme or the occasion but if you’re still drawing a blank then shop.

Co-ordinate your attire
Once you’ve decided what to wear, you need to coordinate your attire with the right footwear. You don’t want to mismatch your footwear with your garment. Pick out the appropriate footwear for the occasion. Don’t turn up in stilettoes for a beach party or wear a pair of sneakers to a formal do!

Accessorize properly
Don’t wear too much bling to a party unless it is an outlandishly themed one! If it’s a formal cocktail party, one great accessory around the neck that stands out will do. Also, don’t carry a big tote bag or a sloppy bag over your shoulder — a simple clutch or a small handbag will make you look even more elegant.

Get rid of garment wrinkles
No matter what kind of garment you pick out for the party, if there are wrinkles they will be noticed and end up making you look shabby. Always have a good garment steamer home to get rid of any wrinkles. For a good high-quality steamer like j2000, you can check out They have some of the best steamers in the market.

Now that you’ve got some direction on how to choose the right clothes for a party, go accept the invitations and have a ball!

Uses of tripod in a pub


Nightlife is chaotic and full of movements. You want to take a photograph of your social networks in such a chaotic environment, you need a tripod to give the stability. After a few glasses of wine, be sure your hands may not withstand the weight of the camera for a long time. At the same time, you as the camera man you want to be part of the image. Why not put a ti mer on the camera, set it, take your position and achieve your goal.

There are numerous activities in a pub, people are dancing, other revelers are involved in a conversation, some people in a corner are enjoying some love moments, you will not miss someone having a “me” time. If it is a holiday, you may not even find space to move around to get the best shot. Tripod manufacturers up their game by making a remotely controlled tripod which can rotate 360 degrees, to get a glimpse of all the activities in a pub.

A journalist sent to cover a festival in a pub must be able to capture all the activities to have a comprehensive report of the party. The ball heads and support from the tripod allow you to get the right glimpse of the activities in the image. Some of the best tripods for such an activity can be found in

The three-legged gadget gives it the stability it needs to give you ample time to work on the setting to get the best capture. At the same time, it allows you to mount the camera and fix it with a knob that safeguards your camera from falling.

A good tripod for a pub, which is characterized by movement, should have metallic stands. They are renowned for durability and do not bend easily. If you opt for a plastic tripod, a simple kick from drunkard with no manner will break the camera, it will not withstand the pressure from the kick.

The mounting knob has a quick release such that when there is a slight change in the positioning of the picture of focus, within a short time, you unmount and get the snapshot without missing. Time is a factor in photography, unlike in a photo shoot where you plan on the snapshots in a pub. No one has time for you, moreover, you want to get the shot in real time to give you a realistic image.

A tripod gives you an option of changing the position of the camera in either a vertical or a horizontal line to get a portrait or a landscape view. If you want to focus on a single object when a vertical alignment work for you; but, if you want to get more features including the background, you have to opt for a horizontal positioning.

If there is a speaker in the pub, you have no reason to distract other revelers, just set the camera and also enjoy the speeches and the drinks as the tripod replaces you.

Beer ping pong is a bar: is it a worthy investment?


Having a bottle of beer while playing table tennis is fun and exciting, it allows you to unwind and have an amazing social experience. “Pertinent issues are discussed over a cup of beer” a reveler was once quoted shouting in a bar. Play games in a serene environment like a bar for relaxation and reduction of anxiety, which finally reduces stress. Stress has detrimental health effects on individuals. The main reason why bars are in full capacity at night is to allow revelers to relax after a hard day’s work full of challenges and daily hassles. You need a stimulant to deviate your mind from your current issues and concentrate on the positive side of life. This table was reviewed to run away from physical pain encountered during the normal table tennis game, which is strenuous and needs a lot of energy.

The fun of the game is the accuracy of the sport, and when the team consumes the alcohol because of a win. Sportspeople are thirsty for a drink, you have to win to quench the thirst. Imagine spending a whole night playing and your team loses all the time and your opponents drink the wine. You feel demoralized and depressed.

Bar owners are in competition over the control of the market share. The inclusion of beer pong in your bar will increase the number of revelers at the same time add value to your bar business. The trick behind it is to restrain the players in your bar and take more time in the restaurant which means the players will stay longer in the bar and consume more alcohol. That is more money for your business.

Let your bar be renowned for beer pong game and table tennis activities. It is a brain game with numerous emotional, mental and physical benefits. Staying in one place while drinking alcohol can be a cause for obesity when you engage beer pong during the nightlife you improve blood circulation to the brain which helps in the management of lifestyle diseases.

Your cognitive skills are enhanced while playing the beer pong game. You have to learn the science behind throwing a ball to your opponent and land in the cup for a win. The win is a collective responsibility of all team members.

When you win as a team, it boosts the confidence of the team members as well as enhance positive thinking of all the members of the team. The emotional wellbeing of the individuals is at a better level. This translates to effective social and psychological interaction with other members of the family. An emotionally satisfied team member will give the best to the team in terms of skills and abilities.

Beer pong is a social game that provides an option and a value added function to the bar owner. Some customers will just come to your bar to play games like table tennis, pool, and beer pong. Despite being played in social places, the game has rules which must be adhered to the latter.

Cool Motorcycle Jacket for Pub


A Motorcycle Jacket is a protective gear worn on the body of a motorcyclist during motorcycle rides. A Pub is a public location where alcohol is being sold. There are several cool motorcycle helmets and jackets that could be worn to a pub. They include:

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet and Cruiser Jacket:

A full face motorcycle helmet is a headgear that is designed to offer complete coverage for the head, face, and jaws of a motorcycle rider. A cruiser jacket is a protective apparel that covers the body of a motorcycle rider. A Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is a cool motorcycle helmet for the pub, a motorcycle rider is guaranteed of extra comfort on the face while wearing this. Moreover, a cruiser jacket is a suitable jacket for sun protection. It offers the much-needed protection from the heat of the sun.

Modular Motorcycle Helmet and Touring Jacket:

A modular motorcycle helmet is a motorcycle helmet that is designed to protect the head, face, and jaws of a rider with the option of flipping up the chin bar when needed. A Touring jacket is a cool motorcycle jacket for the pub. It is a loose fit jacket for sun protection. A Modular Motorcycle Helmet and a Touring Jacket is a great combination for a motorcycle rider going to a pub. A modular motorcycle helmet offers safety and protection for the head and face of a motorcyclist. There is an extra comfort on the face while wearing this.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmet and Leather Jacket:

An Open Face Motorcycle Helmet and a leather jacket are great motorcycle apparel combinations for a motorcycle rider going to a pub. An Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is a type of Motorcycle Helmet that is designed to offer better visibility and communication for a motorcycle rider. Better visibility and communication are needed when going to a pub in the evening. A leather jacket is a jacket for sun protection. It also offers comfort while wearing it. An open face motorcycle helmet is great for short evening rides to a pub. You are guaranteed to feel extra comfort on the face while wearing this.

Half Motorcycle Helmet and Textile Jacket:

A Half Motorcycle Helmet is a type of motorcycle helmet that covers the top of the head to the back of the head. This type of motorcycle helmet is commonly used for cruise rides. A Textile Jacket is a jacket for sun protection. It feels comfortable on the body. A Half Motorcycle Helmet and a Textile Jacket is a great combination for a motorcyclist going to a pub. A half motorcycle helmet is made to provide better visibility for the motorcycle rider and increase ease of communication. One of the advantages of this type of helmet is that it is lightweight. A motorcycle rider is guaranteed of extra comfort on the face while wearing this.

Off-road Motorcycle Helmet and a Commuting Jacket:

An Off-road motorcycle helmet is designed to provide protection for the head and face of a motorcyclist as well as offer better visibility and communication. A commuting jacket is a motorcycle jacket for sun protection. The combination of an off-road motorcycle helmet and a commuting jacket is suitable for a rider going to a pub. An off-road motorcycle helmet is a fanciful product, a motorcycle rider is guaranteed extra comfort on the face while wearing this.

Different Toilet Ideas for a Bar


 A Toilet is a receptacle or fixture where people pass urine and feces. A bar is a public place where people can order and have drinks. It is very essential for a bar to have toilets. This is because patrons of the bar who stay for long hours will definitely feel the urge to use the toilet. When installing a toilet in a bar, a bar owner must be creative in order to encourage more patrons to use the toilet in the bar and stay longer in the bar. There are different toilet ideas that are appropriate for a bar. They include:

Toilet Frames and Commodes: Medical Toilet Chair Handicap Adult Safety Portable Splash Guard Seat Bedside BUY IT NOW ONLY: $49.25 Japanese Style Toilet:

A Japanese Style Toilet is one of the appropriate toilet ideas for a bar. A Japanese style toilet is very fanciful, hence it will encourage more patrons at a bar to use the toilet in the bar. A Japanese style toilet is an elongated toilet that is affixed to the ground thereby allowing a toilet user to comfortably seat on the ground when using the toilet. When installing a toilet in a bar, it is also essential to have a bathroom so that patrons can wash their bodies after using the toilet. The most essential component of a bar’s bathroom is a shower. A shower allows water from shower head to wash dirt off the body. When using a shower, ensure you get the right water temp.

 Multi-Function Toilet:

A Multi-Function Toilet is another type of toilet idea that is suitable for a bar. A multi-function toilet is a type of toilet that can support all manner of people. This type of toilet has several functions that can support the handicapped, nursing mothers, elderly, e.t.c. A multi-function toilet has electronic capabilities, that is the toilet lid automatically opens and closes when a button is pressed. This toilet also uses a bidet to clean the anus once it has been used. A multi-function toilet is a good toilet choice for a bar.

 Multi-User Toilet:

A Multi-User Toilet is a great toilet idea for a bar. A Multi-User Toilet is very suitable for a bar because there are several people that patronize a bar. It is better to install a multi-user toilet to cater for the needs of many patrons.

Wall Hung Toilet:

A Wall Hung Toilet is one of the different toilet ideas for a bar. A wall hung toilet is a fanciful toilet that is affixed to a wall. The connecting pipes of a wall hung toilet is within the walls. A wall hung toilet is a type of toilet that will encourage patrons to keep using the toilet in the bar. When installing a wall hung toilet in a bar, it is also important to install a bathroom with a shower so that patrons can take a shower afterwards. When a shower is installed in a bar, water from shower head will wash the body effectively but one must get the right water temp for a good bathing experience.

 One Piece Toilet:

A one piece toilet is one of the different toilet ideas for a bar. A one piece toilet fuses the tank and bowl together thereby saving space. A one piece toilet is suitable for a bar because of its portability. This will allow multiple pieces to be installed to serve many people at the same time.

Paint Sprayer for Bars


The bar is a social place to go through the nightlife. The painting of the walls speaks volumes about the taste and the theme of the joint. Some bar owners opt to have graffiti and thematic paintings on the walls for unique features. Whatever the option, the paint sprayer used determines the final outlook. It should be uniform and smooth to help in the reflection of light for a brighter lighting. Spraying the walls requires artistic skill to achieve this; the type of sprayer defines professionalism and class in the creative painting. When you compared different models of sprayers you will realize each has a specific function and a unique feature for varied demands.


A single color in the whole bar is not advisable. Why not break the monotony by mixing colors, which communicate the same theme and use some graphical images for uniqueness. The dance floor requires dark colors because of the colored disco lights to create an impression of privacy and romance. The bar has different sections, having different paintings to create an impression of change is not a bad idea. In fact, customers will appreciate a touch of class and relevance in the industry.


The industrial market has different types of sprayers based on the market and the level of technology in a nation. Some nations still use the older manual versions while others use the automated sprayers, which use airless technology. Vacuum technology is the best because it guarantees you uniformity and smooth texture for the bar walls. Remember, this is a public place, where presentation gives you an upper hand in controlling a larger market share.

Poor painting because of incorrect use of paint sprayers makes reveler relate the food and drinks served in the bar carelessly and unhygienically prepared. Why do they compare the untidy walls and the servings?. How will they trust if the meal is well prepared? If the management cannot impress the customers with a smooth and clear wall paintings, then there are a lot of question marks in food handling. First impressions count.


Imagine getting to a house and the first thing you notice is poor finishing based on unsatisfactory woodwork projects. The drill press is one woodwork tool to eliminate such embarrassments. The tool leaves holes, which are easily filled by paint sprayers without noticing. The accuracy of the tool does not interfere with the walls – the reason for poor paint finishing. Look at a mirror drilled on the walls, great care is needed not to break the glass as well as avoid creating cracks, which interfere with wall paintings.


The main advantage of paint sprayers is, it seals the holes and cracks by refilling them with paint such that the last court has a smooth finish and texture. The airless or vacuum sprayers is the most recommended for it come in different cans for altered color paintings at the same time uses pressure systems which control the amount of paint ejected from the cans. In addition, it has a valve, which closes as long as you press the closing nozzle. After the painting, the area is tidy, unlike the old prayers were some traces of paint become permanent stain destroying the beauty of the bar walls.