Tips on How to Choose Clothes For a Party


Tips to help you choose the right clothes for a party

You’ve recently been given an invite to a party and like every other time, you don’t know what to wear. Should you wear that black formal dress that’s been beckoning you every time you open the closet? Or should you go for the more casual off the shoulder? Will you be overdressed if you pick out a gown or will you look out of place if you don’t?

Planning what to wear to a party can be quite tough, especially these days when every party seems to be centered on a special theme. Whether it’s an office party, a formal cocktail will do, or a wild themed party what garment to wear poses the biggest question. With fashion trends changing every second day, one definitely doesn’t want to feel out of place when accepting an invitation.

So what’s the right way to dress for a party? When you accept an invitation to a party, it’s very important that you keep the following points in mind before you go splurging on a new wardrobe.

Know the theme
Is it a family event? A wedding? A formal dinner or a themed party? When you understand what the occasion is, picking out something appropriate to wear becomes fairly simple. A wedding invitation will definitely give you a clue about the dress code — if it’s a themed wedding it’s usually specified. Don’t turn up in a Hawaiian shirt or a bright colorful dress for a beach wedding unless informed. You don’t want to be advertising Hawaii in a formal setting! To an office cocktail party, the golden rule is don’t wear anything that will make you feel stupid the next day! No plunging necklines or hemlines that are too short or too long. Go ahead and make your fashion statement but don’t overdo it. Even if the dress code is casual. Remember it is a party so don’t wear flip-flops or hot pants. The safest bet is wearing something that is not overtly casual but smart and trendy.

Don’t buy immediately
Before you go running out to splurge on something to wear, check what you have in your wardrobe first. You probably have something that goes with the color theme or the occasion but if you’re still drawing a blank then shop.

Co-ordinate your attire
Once you’ve decided what to wear, you need to coordinate your attire with the right footwear. You don’t want to mismatch your footwear with your garment. Pick out the appropriate footwear for the occasion. Don’t turn up in stilettoes for a beach party or wear a pair of sneakers to a formal do!

Accessorize properly
Don’t wear too much bling to a party unless it is an outlandishly themed one! If it’s a formal cocktail party, one great accessory around the neck that stands out will do. Also, don’t carry a big tote bag or a sloppy bag over your shoulder — a simple clutch or a small handbag will make you look even more elegant.

Get rid of garment wrinkles
No matter what kind of garment you pick out for the party, if there are wrinkles they will be noticed and end up making you look shabby. Always have a good garment steamer home to get rid of any wrinkles. For a good high-quality steamer like j2000, you can check out They have some of the best steamers in the market.

Now that you’ve got some direction on how to choose the right clothes for a party, go accept the invitations and have a ball!