Uses of tripod in a pub


Nightlife is chaotic and full of movements. You want to take a photograph of your social networks in such a chaotic environment, you need a tripod to give the stability. After a few glasses of wine, be sure your hands may not withstand the weight of the camera for a long time. At the same time, you as the camera man you want to be part of the image. Why not put a ti mer on the camera, set it, take your position and achieve your goal.

There are numerous activities in a pub, people are dancing, other revelers are involved in a conversation, some people in a corner are enjoying some love moments, you will not miss someone having a “me” time. If it is a holiday, you may not even find space to move around to get the best shot. Tripod manufacturers up their game by making a remotely controlled tripod which can rotate 360 degrees, to get a glimpse of all the activities in a pub.

A journalist sent to cover a festival in a pub must be able to capture all the activities to have a comprehensive report of the party. The ball heads and support from the tripod allow you to get the right glimpse of the activities in the image. Some of the best tripods for such an activity can be found in

The three-legged gadget gives it the stability it needs to give you ample time to work on the setting to get the best capture. At the same time, it allows you to mount the camera and fix it with a knob that safeguards your camera from falling.

A good tripod for a pub, which is characterized by movement, should have metallic stands. They are renowned for durability and do not bend easily. If you opt for a plastic tripod, a simple kick from drunkard with no manner will break the camera, it will not withstand the pressure from the kick.

The mounting knob has a quick release such that when there is a slight change in the positioning of the picture of focus, within a short time, you unmount and get the snapshot without missing. Time is a factor in photography, unlike in a photo shoot where you plan on the snapshots in a pub. No one has time for you, moreover, you want to get the shot in real time to give you a realistic image.

A tripod gives you an option of changing the position of the camera in either a vertical or a horizontal line to get a portrait or a landscape view. If you want to focus on a single object when a vertical alignment work for you; but, if you want to get more features including the background, you have to opt for a horizontal positioning.

If there is a speaker in the pub, you have no reason to distract other revelers, just set the camera and also enjoy the speeches and the drinks as the tripod replaces you.